Sofa Melbourne

We design furniture to complement your personal interior style and decor. We can design the most unique sofa melbourne and ensure that it is tailored to perfectly suit your home, lifestyle and your requirements. We can craft a stunning, individual design sofa for Melbourne homes to complement any style and can do so at a budget that suits you.

We offer only the best in interior design and specialises in custom furniture design, manufacture and craftsmanship. We can manufacture a sofa in Melbourne that is:

  • Made from quality fabrics
  • Unique fabric selections incorporating colour, texture and durability
  • Of individual look and feel
  • Perfectly proportioned to room size and shape
  • Coordinated with existing furniture and decor
  • Skillfully crafted by European trained artisans

All of our furniture items are custom made and designed to harmonise with your home's individual style and personality.We provide the most innovative and inspiring sofas melbourne can supply, each tailored to your personal style.

For the most exquisite designed sofa Melbourne has to offer, call us on 1300 133 326 today!

A Unique Sofa for Melbourne Homes

Our designer Mark Alexander Wakeling is the heart and soul of the company. With over 33 years of personal experience, Mark can customise a sofa in Melbourne homes of perfect shape, style, proportions and combination of fabric colour, texture and durability.

At our store, a sofa is designed for more than comfort and style. Each sofa for Melbourne homes is crafted to coordinate with the owners' personality and the harmony of the room. A customised sofa is only created once the designer has seen where it will be placed, if it suits the surroundings and there is sufficient space.

We can create a unique sofa for Melbourne homes, apartments, offices and company foyers. Our carefully crafted sofas are designed to suit differing personalities and styles. As an experienced interior design company, we can manufacture a modern or classical sofa for Melbourne properties. These styles include:

  • Art-deco classical
  • Modern
  • French
  • Neo Classical
  • Victorian
  • Georgian

For a sofa with truly individual feel and style, choose the expert designers, choose us!

Exquisite Sofa Collection

We create furniture to coordinate with your homes' interior design. Each sofa for Melbourne properties is designed to allow you to build on it in the future. We can craft an exquisite sofa so you can build a picture tailored to your personal style.

About Us

We are a passionate interior design company committed to excellence in personalised interior design. Our company has brought to life thousands of homes through our unique colour, shapes and pattern collations.

We want our clients to feel comfortable and relaxed in their own environment. Our interior designs are created based on each client's personality and the homes atmosphere.

Our designs reflect our clients lifestyle and the feel of the home, flowing from the outside in, through our creative and artistic interior design. In addition to our emotive interior design, we design and manufacture furniture. We can manufacture a bookcase, buffet, table, desk, chair, curtain or sofa for Melbourne homes.

Each piece of furniture is crafted to coordinate with interior design; offering an overall personalised design solution. For more information on an artistic interior design or sofa in Melbourne, call us on on 1300 133 326 or submit an online contact form.